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Polluted Beach

The Shape of Seaglass

A sea-side contemporary novella

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Destiny Griffiths has a piece of seaglass for every day that has passed since her brother drowned; while walking along the harbour wall of the town they grew up in, she sees a boy floundering in the cold water, and can't help but jump in to save him.

Unbeknownst to her, he’s a French juvenile delinquent, terrified of his past catching up to him. Destiny’s harbourside home has everything he’s ever wanted - peace, quiet, and a friend for once.

But while the French police are still chasing him for information on his father’s criminal operation, Julien’s guilt catches up to him as Destiny begins to treat him more and more like the brother she lost. Can he tell her, or will it ruin the friendship that is fast becoming one of the most meaningful of his life?

Ah! This story has such a special place in my heart. Written in 2020 amidst global craziness, this little project was my refuge - much as the harbour is for Julien and Destiny. Though I haven't shied away from some deeper themes in this book, it remains a sweet and simple narrative about friendship, family and finding Jesus - it's somewhat designed to be a comfort book. I'm currently working on editing for potential independent publication in the future! (though I'm not 100% certain yet).

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