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Image by Fred Russo

The Last Case of Wilder Martin

An autumnal '70s mystery

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Name: Wilder Blaire Martin

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Charge: Murder

Plea: Not Guilty

Other Notes:

  • Court permit to investigate his case

  • Can barely remember his own name

Wilder Martin never let the world break him. As a star reporter in the height of the Cold War, he’s been jailed in Russia, survived Vietnam, and struggled through the death of his elder brother, yet has always managed to retain his identity, and the undying love of his almost-fiancée. 


But when he wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed, unable to remember the events of the past month, he’s told that he shot and killed a man on July 2nd 1972. Despite what the evidence says, he knows he couldn’t be guilty, and he begs the court to let him prove it.


With a cynical court-appointed guard, Wilder sets out to investigate his own case, vowing to follow the evidence wherever it leads. But as his faith begins to crumble and the evidence drags him deeper into the criminal underworld, will his integrity stand, or will he succumb to the darkness of his past?

Wilder came as something of a surprise; originally dreamed up for a short story of mine, he exploded into my imagination his energetic way and decided to give me ideas for two Inktober serial stories and one stand-alone novel (although only one of those is currently finished haha). Wilder's is probably my deepest, most fleshed out story, though it's one of my newest. There's something about his invincible character, his insatiable curiosity and his sweetness that brings me back to him over and over again. He's a character who's been through the wars (literally), but who's never forgotten how to smile, or forgotten what his purpose is - to help as many people as he can, while he can. And hopefully, one day, to learn how to make a halfway decent cup of coffee (;

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Photo by Fred Russo on Unsplash

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